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We are here to help you manage your supply chain effectively. Our digital ledger can be customized to fit your needs and connected to all members of your supply chain.
Here's how
We can help you
Efficiently organise supply chain data from farm till consumers
Analyse the risks associated with the supply chain members
For getting products certified faster
To prove real transparency & real impact to customers
We made it practical for
We have one of the best user experience and user interface designs in the market
With our traceability tool, we ensure you
Secured and Verified Transactions
Request/Receive New Stock in a Click
Connect the Links and Nodes
Easy Auditing and Provable Claims
Know the capabilities of
Our traceability tool
Web & Mobile Application
Customisable Backend & Frontend
Compatible with IoT Devices
Meet the

Sudeesh Narayanan

Co-founder and Vice President,

Anto Varghese

COO and Senior Project Manager,
CIED Technologies

M V Sankaran Namboodiri

Chief Technology Officer,
CIED Technologies
We have answers!
Why traceability matters more to your customers?
Why is traceability crucial in food supply chains?
How can you affirm that transactions and claims are trustworthy?
What will happen if our transactions get rejected?
We are a company receiving stocks from multiple inputs, and we find it challenging to manage our transactions accurately. What are the possible solutions you can provide us?
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